Hitting Halfway: 4 weeks down, 4 to go!

25 Feb 2013

I hope I can get all my thoughts down in the next 30 minutes; every week is a whirlwind of activity, and there is so much to relate! Thanks so much for all your messages throughout the week: they really kept me going. Thank you also for the blog responses: I will treasure them.

Back to the juicy stuff: sorry it’s taking so long to answer all of your questions about the food and the gym and my schedule etc., but Sestra B and I are working on a special photo project to illustrate our life at the MTC (the Primary children in her Branch have asked to know as well). It will be finished by next week for sure – hope you can wait that long! Until then, I’m doing really well, learning so much, and giving it my all. I just realised that I’m leaving for Prague in exactly one month today! It’s all going by so fast! We’re putting our shoulders to the wheel and trusting that the Lord will magnify our efforts.

Since last week, the Polish elders and sisters in our zone have left for the field, and the Bulgarians leave tomorrow. Will miss them, they did so much to help us settle in. Our turn now: a new shipment of “first-weekers” arrives this Wednesday. We’ll be welcoming 6 new Bulgarian Elders, 6 Polish Sisters, and 6 Polish-speaking Elders (2 of whom will actually be serving in Leeds England! 😉 We’ll do our best to give them a warm welcome!


“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel” Mark 16:15  Eastern Europe, here we come!

Something special occurred this week: we were sitting in class on Thursday when a Brother from Admin asked to have a word with my companion. She rushed back into the room, bubbling with excitement, and tearing up with surprise and joy: they had arranged for her to meet the missionary who taught her parents in Normandie 25 years ago, before she was even born! It was so lovely to hear Brother H (the missionary) recount her parents’ conversion, and it was so touching to see how much he still cares for her and her family. It was a very real reminder that the seeds we’re sowing now as missionaries may grow to bring forth fruit sweeter than we can immediately recognise or hardly even imagine.

In addition to practicing our teaching skills with our language instructors, and with the volunteers in the Teaching Resource Center, we’ve also started teaching each other: every missionary in our district plays the role of someone we know, and are taught as investigators. It is such a refreshing, educational experience to BE taught, and it’s closing the gap between our Czech / Slovak comprehension. I’m teaching Elder J as “Jakob”; our second lesson will be on Wednesday. Hope he kept his commitment to pray over the weekend – I’ll “text” him today to remind him. 😉

Speaking of Slovak, here’s this week’s lesson:

Milujem t’a / va’s. = I love you (in/formal, plural)

Ja som dobra misionarka / dobry misionar! = I am a good (sister) missionary!

Budes’ moj kamarat? = Will you be my friend?

Ty si lupic< a ja t’a zabiji. = Thou art a robber and I will slay thee (1 Nephi 3:13) =D

I know now more than ever that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and will lead every person to eternal happiness if only they will follow Him. I hope I will be prepared to take this glad message to the slovak people – I’m beginning to love them already!

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

Until next P-Day, Sestra Jones


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