Time to Start Packing…

11 March 2013

Ahoj vs’etky! (Hello, all!)

This is it: just a fortnight left at the MTC! I still have so much to learn and practice when it comes to language and teaching and missionary routine, but at the same time I’m looking forward to a change of environment. Yes, it may be a sentimental farewell: this has become my second home by now, and I will miss the people in our district and zone so much! =)

We’re expecting our itineraries this week! After I leave here, I may not be able to write for a bit: I’ve heard rumours that P Day in Slovakia is Saturday, and I believe we’re due to arrive on a Tuesday. I’m starting my packing today – it might just get done before the 25th! 😉

Czech / Slovak Lesson:

Flamovat’ = to party / rave. The first time I saw this word I thought it was a Pokemon move. (Charmeleon: Flamovat’! 😉 )

 Slovensko je najleps’ie krajina v svete = Slovakia is the best country in the world ❤

 Yesterday was so lovely and sunny that the temple lawn was covered in missionaries, who were sprawled on the grass after being cooped up indoors for so long.

I was blindsided by Babylon this morning: 5 minutes after completing a session at the temple, we were whisked to the Provo Mall for emergency shoe-shopping for my companion (long story). It was so strange to hear pop music and see ads after 2 months in our spiritual bubble! Another foray is on the horizon: as international missionaries, we’re next in line for a field trip to Temple Square! =)  Can’t wait!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! to everyone who sent me such lovely encouragement and advice – I feel so loved!

More news soon! Lots of love!

Sestra Jones


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