Full Speed Ahead!

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My companion is a rock! She’s helping me win…

22 April 2013

Full Speed Ahead!

I must admit, some aspects of mission life are pretty tough, and success rarely shows itself completely, immediately, or easily. It is so tempting to dwell on fond memories of home when our challenges here seem so overwhelming, and I feel so inadequate.  Sestra Py says the best cures are prayer and hard work, and of course she has proven to be right. As I was reminded in Relief Society meeting at Church yesterday, trials and difficulties are just a refining opportunity to demonstrate our faith. As I strive to give my heart and hands to the Lord, I feel His comfort and steadying strength despite the storms that rage all round. I am humbled by my weaknesses and the adversity we face, but we are blessed with so many reasons to rejoice!

This week, we had a District Meeting with the visiting Zone Leaders that was just fantastic!  We practised and reviewed some skills that have really helped us to be more effective in our teaching.  Our studies have been guided and inspired: just the other day we were studying, and found ourselves spending an unusual amount of time discussing a particular point of doctrine regarding life after death. Whom should we meet an hour later (in the little time we had for contacting before running for a train) but a lovely family who brought up that very subject? Finally, we were so blessed to attend a baptism in Brno – it was a beautiful, happy occasion and a spiritual feast.

We’ve enjoyed a bit of variety to our work schedule as well; we travelled to Bratislava on Tuesday, to be there Wednesday for some government business stuff (just confirming residence in Slovakia).  We went via Trencin and had our District meeting there. Then on Saturday, we went to Brno in the Czech Republic (our nearest chapel) for a baptism.

It was a very special experience: the lady getting baptised, Kristina, was taught by Sister Py when she was serving in Bratislava. We were exhausted by the end of the day, but it was fun to mix up our schedule a bit!

Love you all, thanks for being patient while I work out how to time things better so that I can write longer letters!

<3, Sestra Jones


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