Way to Bee

Bee graphics kindly provided by Helena Normark at  http://www.graphicgarden.com/  *Hon har ju svenskt clipart också, t ex Lucia!

17 June 2013

A fun thing happened this week: we had a bee swarm right outside our balcony during Weekly Planning on Saturday morning! A few got in before we could rush to close the windows; they made quite a racket. Cool!

I can hardly believe that this Saturday will mark 5 months since I left home – where has the time gone?!? I’m going to roll up my sleeves and make every day here count! Especially since this week we’re no longer new missionaries! That means that instead of an extra hour of study in the mornings, we get right to work an hour earlier each day.  Doing my best to be excited about that! 😉

Happy (belated) Father’s Day to you, Dad, to my grandfathers, and all you other patriarchal type figures in the family! I love you all lots and am thankful for the many sacrifices you’ve made, and for the lessons you’ve taught me thus far.

As always, thanks everyone, for the news and encouragement you send. It’s nice to have to have a few pages of uplifting material to print out and take with me when we have a long journey to make. We have Zone Conference in Brno tomorrow morning, so most of our P Day will be spent travelling by train to Bratislava, where we’ll stay the night with the Sisters there. I know just how to while away the hours! Great timing with the long missives and exciting stories. 😀 This conference will probably be our last time seeing President and Sister Irwin, as they’re heading back to England at the beginning of July.

I’ve realised when reviewing and assessing our goals and achievements this past week, that it is easy but deadly to get too caught up in numbers as the measurement of success or failure as a missionary. There’s a person – a precious child of God – behind every lesson taught, or invitation extended. Reaching out to love and help others is the only true measure of success out here. I’m trying to develop more charity for the people I serve, and I pray that I’ll be able to truly desire the best for them, and give all of my time and energy to helping them come to know their Saviour.

My younger sister has asked for my advice about using a gap year wisely… the best advice I can give is that it should definitely be between you and the Lord. Search your heart, and ponder your future to gain a vision of the possibilities ahead,  then pray to know how the Lord would have you spend your time. Back when I was in your shoes, I had some questions about my future and my talents, so I prayed and made a few requests. Voila: He answered them all (some in surprising detail)!

The only other general advice I can offer is to share my experience: I regret not spending more time improving my health, and wasting time indoors on Facebook, or watching TV. I regret not practicing piano (I’m no help to the branch here in the music department, because I’m useless at playing hymns). I wish I’d studied the scriptures more…I wish I’d made more of an effort to share the gospel with my friends.

Nevertheless, some great things that I’m really glad I prioritised were my Church callings, attending Institute (*Institute of Religion is a course of scripture study for young adults), working over the summer (always pay your tithing, and save as much as you can!), and especially taking the time to play and read stories with my little sisters.

Make it yours, and make it amazing: let your gap year take you places! 😀

I love you all so much, and pray for you every day. Miss you too, but time’s flying by fast enough! We’ll see each other again before we know it.

S laskou,

your Sestra Jones


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