Everyday Miracles

24 June 2013

I’ve spent some time today responding individually to letters received, so I’m short on time again, but I want to share the miracles we’ve had this week (there were quite a few!).

We’d been teaching a young woman named Ra, but lost touch with her for weeks. We met by chance in town last Saturday, and we sat down to teach her. She’s been reading in the Book of Mormon, and enjoys talking with us. She had a hard experience in her family as a child, and as a consequence lost some of her faith in God, but she is one of the loveliest people I’ve met. We set up an appointment with her, and arranged to have a member of the Branch accompany us when we teach her.

Then this week (which is the last week she is in town before she goes back home to Eastern Slovakia for the summer), we were surprised to cross paths and share a message with her TWICE more! Yesterday, she finally came to church (we’ve been inviting her for so long!), and the members of the Branch were golden with her and she said before she left “I understand now why your faith is so important to you sisters.”

3 different homelands, 3 lovely women, 1 special friendship Sestra Jones, Ra, and Sestra B

3 different homelands, 3 lovely women, 1 special friendship
Sestra Jones, Ra, and Sestra B

She has declined our invitations to be baptised, but it felt like a miracle that we were in just the right place at the right time to be Heavenly Father’s hands in reaching out to Ra.

On Saturday we were having our first YSA FHE at Elder and Sister Wr’s place. *YSA is short for Young Single Adults, but could just as well stand for You’re So Awesome! The Church hosts a programme of events for single men and women of the Church aged 18-30. It’s so much fun! FHE is short for Feeling Happiness Excessively… just kidding, it stands for Family Home Evening, one night of each week that Church members reserve for spending time together as a family. For those who are single or living alone, it’s fun to get together as a “family” of friends!.

We’d tried to invite investigators, but had no one to take with us. We were walking there and praying we would meet someone to come with us… amazingly, we did! He’s a friend of a member of the Church in Trenčín, and he had a wonderful time.

Then Friday night, a family we’ve been trying to meet with met us in town and invited us round for a garden goulash party – and a former investigator has started coming to French class and loves it.

I know that when we have the faith to ask for and then expect miracles, the Lord will bring them to pass for the blessing of His children. These are everyday miracles that nearly go unnoticed, but somehow end up changing the courses of lives.

This week I bore testimony of our eternal family to a lady who said, “That’s sweet, but it can’t be true.” I felt the Spirit overwhelm me with peace and love and gratitude; no matter what others say, the truth of it witnesses to my heart, and I am sure that we have long and lovely eternity to look forward to together.

The Lord’s work is hastening! I love you all so much, and I will try to write more next week (and every week!). I can never tell you enough of the beautiful experiences we have each day!

S laskou,
Sestra Jones


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