Random Sampler

28 October 2013

crop detail 2Short letter today, I’m afraid I’m COMPLETELY out of time! However, I may have an opportunity to write a few good, old-fashioned letters to send by post this week, as we have a Zone Conference in Brno and we’ll have a total of 14 hours on the train traveling there and back. The Elders want to buy a “Settlers of Catan” game to while away the hours, or as it is known in Slovak “Knížata z Katanu” – the “Princes of Catan”.

It’s been a fairly good week. We went street contacting together as a District to sign people up for our family history and English classes, and held singing displays to advertise for our concert next week. It was so refreshing and encouraging, and we saw good success.

crop detail 3P’s baptism has encountered another delay, as his mother has some concerns about his wish to be a member of the Church. We have offered to meet her to answer any questions she has, and discuss the matter with her, but as of yet she has not felt to take us up on the invitation. Naturally, we will respect her wishes. But we’re also planning to fast with P and ask Heavenly Father to help open doors and hearts, and prepare a way for him to fulfil his righteous desire to be baptised. P himself has handled the disappointment with such a faithful and positive attitude, and is being completely stoic about his situation. He said, “I guess I’ll just keep coming to church until I’m 18. The nice thing is then at least I’ll know everything before I’m baptised!”

This week we learned from Sestra Bar (one of our Sister Training Leaders) that another Slovak sister is in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) – we werecrop detail 1 overjoyed at the news! That will make a grand total of 7 Slovak sisters in the mission. It will be so exciting to meet her when she arrives next transfer. It’s also going to make transfer calls even more interesting than usual… who will be serving where, with whom? We will be counting on President McConkie to relieve our curiosity in 5 weeks’ time!

I’m in a bit of a reflective mood this afternoon, and have been pondering my journey of missionary service so far – it’s amazing and wonderful to consider the distance the Lord has taken me on this path, and yet I often feel like I’ve still got such a long way to go in becoming what I am to be. We’ve had a week of miracles; I know the Lord has blessed me and I’m so grateful to be His representative in reaching out in love to His children! I want to learn how people work, to finally understand how to help others feel loved, feel successful, feel empowered and happy, as the Saviour did. I have some repenting and learning to do, but thank goodness for the humbling moments that remind us how much we need the Lord’s wisdom and help!

S laskou, Sestra Jones

Jesus taught with power and clarity, and with great love and compassion.


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