Wings of Lightning

“Time flies on wings of lightning; We cannot call it back…”  Hymns 226: Improve the Shining Moments, Robert B. Baird, 1855–1916

04 November 2013

Time does indeed fly on wings of lightning – we can’t call it back, so learn to live every moment without regret. The Conference in Brno was amazing! We were instructed on extending commitments to those we teach, to help them learn and progress. It helped me realise that in order for me to help others keep their commitments, I need to take my commitment to be a missionary more seriously and follow through on my end by keeping my eye single to the glory of God. Practice what you preach, as they say!

It took almost 3 of our working days to travel and attend and make our way back (waking up at 4 AM to catch a train home from Bratislava is not an experience I’ll repeat in a hurry if I can help it!). I tried to have a good attitude: after all, this isn’t a vacation or string of slumber parties. Although it was SO good to see dear friends from across the mission!


Those “Greenie” days: Sestra Co and Sestra Jones with their trainers, back in May

Sestra Co from my MTC (Missionary Training Center) group is now in Brno with her two companions. We haven’t seen each other since our first transfer, when she and her trainer visited Slovakia to share their musical talents at a concert in Trenčín.  She and I felt so relieved to catch up and talk about all our experiences, both successes and disappointments, since those first few heady weeks as new missionaries. It was unbelievably comforting to compare notes and find that we have each had our struggles (sometimes you can feel like you’re the only one!) – she and I are so similar and she’s a wonderful example, as are all the wonderful missionaries I’m blessed to work with here.

Having returned from the conference and taken a fresh look at our area, our teaching pool currently looks more like a teaching puddle. 😉  Finding new people to teach is like breathing, and we’re suffocating here! We’ve been quite focussed on preparing for our upcoming concert (next week is the big night!), but in the process I fear we may have been have been getting a bit distracted (our rigorous rehearsals do tend to break down into giggling sessions after awhile…).  I think I’ve just been dreading going out kontakting (why, I don’t know – I thought I’d overcome that fear in my first transfer), and searching for excuses to do anything else we could justify as productive apart from hitting the streets. So this week street-hitting is back on the menu! Our big goal for the end of November (in addition to our District goal of having 10 members out to church) is to find FAMILIES to teach. I have renewed my faith and confidence that the Lord would not send us here if He was not also preparing precious souls to hear our message, and we feel we can find 2 new families to work with in the course of this month.

The Elders’ investigator J was baptised and confirmed this weekend – what a beautiful, sacred experience it was! She is so sweet, and a lovely addition to the branch – plus she had a good turnout of 1 family member and 2 friends in addition to the 5 members and 6 missionaries present. Not earth-shattering crowds, but for our little area, a significant gathering!

One of the great missionaries of the 19th century: Welshman Dan Jones preaching the gospel in Wales Painting by Clark Kelley Price

One of the great missionaries of the 19th century: Welshman Dan Jones preaching the gospel in Wales
Painting by Clark Kelley Price

Plus we had a visit from the Zone Leaders (on exchanges with the Elders), and Elders Pet and Guy went in search of a “zastup” or multitude, thinking to soapbox Dan Jones style on the street corner. They said it wasn’t very successful (people mostly ignored them), but they got a whole multitude of 3 teenage boys to come to the building for the seminar they were organising: “What is the Doctrine of Christ?” 😀

Fun fact: we saw a university film crew on our way here to the library to email – they were all carrying instrument cases, acting as an orchestra or something – it was awesome!

Love you so much, please pray for our investigators and that Sestra Johns and I will be able to realise the Lord’s vision for this area before our time here is up!

S laskou, Sestra Jones


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