Helping Hands

11 November 2013

Service with a smile

Service with a smile

It’s been a busy week but a good one (probably for that very reason)! Starší Guy encouraged us at District Meeting to feel the urgency of our work. Many of our goals (such as finding families to teach) are still evading us, and Sestra Johns and I are re-evaluating to ensure we’re giving our all every day. As we’ve sought to exercise more faith and obedience and use the Lord’s sacred time wisely, we’ve come closer than ever to reaching our District goals for church attendance –  our goal is to help 10 members of the Branch attend each week, and yesterday we had a grand total of 9 members present! What a blessing! In addition, we had 2 investigators (PK’ova and Rom) join us.

It was Rom’s first time to attend church services with us, and she had a good experience. Our lovely PK’ova made a heroic effort to be at church yesterday and took notes, actively participated and interacted with members. She understands the great significance of baptism, and feels that it’s right, however she’s still struggling to accept the Word of Wisdom.

Our English class this week was booming after we set up an easel on the namestie (town square) and advertised as a District. 8 new people came! Hudobny Vecer (“Musical Evening”, a concert we’ve organised) this week will be great! All is nearly in order for the performance tomorrow night: both P and Prezident van D are performing with us, as are the Sister Training Leader and her companion! I’m so excited to be having my first sister exchange and pray that I can learn as much from Sestry Bar and H as possible, so I can be a more effective and inspired missionary.

Starší Guy putting the shoulder to the wheel(barrow) "The world has need of willing men, Who wear the worker's seal. Come, help the good work move along;. Put your shoulder to the wheel." Hymns #252

Starší Guy putting the shoulder to the wheel(barrow)
“The world has need of willing men, Who wear the worker’s seal. Come, help the good work move along;. Put your shoulder to the wheel.”
Hymns #252

We had a sweet and spiritual experience on Saturday:  we had planned as a District to serve a member of the Church. He is renovating his house, and needed help mixing and pouring concrete. But Saturday morning, he called to cancel as his delivery of sand hadn’t arrived, plus it looked like rain. We were so disappointed – sure, we had a backup plan, but we had geared ourselves up for service and had prayed fervently all week that the weather and everything would work out in our favour. With a tense 10 minutes until the bus to his village left the station, we decided to go anyway and see what would happen. It was like I’d heard R say “no” with my ears, but in my heart and mind nothing had changed, we were going to serve him. We arrived at our destination and bought lunch at a little supermarket. As we came out of the shop and stepped onto the street, who should be standing right there but R himself! We sheepishly shrugged and said we’d come anyway and he cheerfully responded: ‘Good, the sand will be here in 20 minutes.’ We joyfully went to work, shoveled a half tonne of sand, finished pouring all the cement, had a meaningful conversation with R (or rather, the Elders did; we sisters had been invited in to speak with R’s grandmother, who wants us to bring a spiritual thought next week!), and there wasn’t a drop of rain until we sprinted for the bus home. Miracles happen.

Starší Fe’l acting upon the instruction given in the Bible:, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
Mark 16:15

I know that Heavenly Father is anxiously engaged in His work. When we step up and give up our own interests to further His work, He opens doors that would otherwise remain forever closed to us. I am so grateful for the Atonement and for the experiences on my mission that are allowing me to develop Christlike Attributes and serve others.

S laskou, Sestra Jones


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