A Rather Blustery Day

25 November 2013

Ahojte! It’s a cold, blustery day with a fair Siberian wind blowing –I’m so grateful for those hats you sent me out here with, Mom!

So this week was eventful, yet statistically unproductive – we spent far too much time for comfort travelling out of our area and back, and our investigators were all unavailable on the days we were in town.

On Tuesday night we were packing to leave for Brno, when the Sestry there called to inform us they were holding a concert of their own on Wednesday night. Our train would get us there just in time to participate! Would we like to sing “Cítíme Lásku” with Sestra Johns’ awesome ukelele backup? Would we?! Need you even ask?  😉 

*“Cítíme Lásku” is known as “Love Is Spoken Here” in English, and is a  beautiful children’s song about learning the gospel and feeling love at home. The sheet music and an mp3 download are available from the Church’s website free of charge, provided it is for non-commercial home or church use.screen shot 2Click here to listen to“Cítíme Lásku”.

It was such a blessing to be there, and we learned a lot: their Branch members did literally half the work for the concert (poster designing, performing, etc.) and they had a good turnout of around 60. Some of the contributions I enjoyed the most were: Mao, the YSA music student from Taiwan who played his Asian two-stringed-lap-instrument- like-a-violin (no idea what it’s really called!);  Prezident Saun, the newly-called Branch President from Manchester (his wife is Czech and their kids are GORGEOUS!);  and the stupendous S family (yes, the same family as the Elder S serving a mission in England – they’re one of those powerhouse kingdom-builder clans that just radiate with testimony). The Spirit was there that night and I even got to use my French with an Italian investigator of the Sisters’.  🙂  Magnifique! What a good show.

The next day (Thursday) we had our training, and four of our elders – Elders Pet (my first District Leader!), Wy, Rob, and Cl (we were in Žilina together: he baptised D) – bore departing testimonies before completing their missions this transfer, and I am so sad to lose them. Seeing great missionaries I look up to come and go is daunting; I feel I cannot possibly fill their shoes, but it motivates me to be better. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room – it’s wonderful to spend time with my mission family and I love and respect each of them so much!

screen shotMission family jam session; Sestra Johns accompanies on guitarlele.

Despite the discomfort of uncertainty and change, I am so stoked for transfers! I want to emerge from this transfer feeling PEACE: deliberately and spiritually giving my all to help people. Slovakia is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and missionary work is so challenging and rewarding beyond words. I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. The world needs His light!

Out of time already but lots of love to you, please keep us in your prayers that this week we will be successful in finding new investigators and recognise the Spirit’s guidance so we can start the next transfer with a bang! 😀

S laskou, Sestra Jones


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