Raising the Bar

02 December 2013

Sestra Bar and Sestra Jones, companions for Christmas!

Sestra Bar and Sestra Jones, companions for Christmas!

I’m staying here for another two months, and joining me is Sestra Bar from the Czech Republic! She’s been Sister Training Leader for a while, and just like Sestra Johns and I, she was also trained by Sestra Pyšňáková!  🙂  We’re going to have so much fun learning Slovak together and really getting this area going. I look forward so much to learning and growing and really giving my all to this area: I want to learn to turn OUT to help lift others, rather than focusing on my own needs. I confess it will be nice not to be the senior companion for a bit!

Sestra Johns is going to Z, and other exciting mission news this transfer includes the arrival of a new Slovak sister, and a new sisters’ area opening up in Trenčín!

Our beloved Pani K'ova

Our beloved Pani K’ova

As for this past week with lovely Sestra Johns, we worked really hard to contact people, even when it was cold and in the face of repeated rejection, we did it. I feel like we really got things right, and the Lord blessed us richly: the B’s (both of them!) were at church on Sunday for the first time in a long time, PK’ova (I love her!) fasted for the first time and was uplifted, P has been able to help us understand his family situation a bit more, and we found some potential investigators who seem very likely to become new investigators this coming week. I can’t wait! We met with our friends and former investigators K and H yesterday, they are still happy Catholics but the Spirit was there and THEY FELT IT! It was a good lesson.

There were a number of visitors at Church this Sunday, including Czech/Slovak Mission Alumnus, JT

There were a number of visitors at Church this Sunday, including Czech/Slovak Mission Alumnus, JT

Preparations for our Christmas concert on the 17th are well under way, and we’re following Brno’s example to involve more Branch members in the programme. If they don’t sing, then they can read scriptures. It will be beautiful!

When elders get bored...

When elders get bored…

The Christmas markets have opened, including Swedish glögg stands. Yum! *(In Sweden, glögg is a traditional spiced, hot fruit drink often garnished with raisins and blanched almonds, and served mainly at Christmastime. It was originally an alcoholic drink, akin to mulled wine. But just like the American holiday favourite, Egg Nog, a milder non-alcoholic version has now become widespread, to be enjoyed by young and old and missionaries alike.)

The Elders have been sick,  with no way to restock their cupboards. On Sunday we undertook a mission of mercy to take them some necessary supplies, and discovered that in their enfeebled, possibly delirious, and obviously very bored condition they had devised a creative delivery system involving a bucket tied to lots of sheets… down it went from their balcony (like, four or five stories up), in went the supplies, and up it was hoisted again.  Now there’s something you don’t see every day!  😉

I know that the Lord loves his children dearly. As long as we exercise the faith to obey the whisperings of His Spirit, we will be led to accomplish miracles. I know that our Saviour lives, and I am striving each day to repent of my mistakes so that I can become the person He wants me to be.

Love you all lots! <3, Sestra jones x