7 January 2014

"Dare to be honest and fear no labour." Robert Burns, Scottish poet Starší Fe'l, Sestra Bar, Brat R, and Starší Chri'n in lumberjack mode Sestra Jones and her fellow missionaries start the new year out right with a service project in the great outdoors

“Dare to be honest and fear no labour.” Robert Burns, Scottish poet
Starší Fe’l, Sestra Bar, Brat R, and Starší Chri’n in lumberjack mode, helping a Church member to clear some land and chop firewood

Happy new year! Gott nytt ar! Blwyddyn newydd dda! St’astny novy rok! (That’s your new year’s greeting in English, Swedish, Welsh, and Slovak)

Looking forward to an epic 2014 – after all, most of it will be spent in the mission field for me.  🙂  Sorry you didn’t get an email from me yesterday, it was a public holiday – Epiphany (Three Kings) – and both the library and internet cafe were closed.

I don’t have much time left for writing, but suffice it to say that today I feel I’ve crested a steep climb. While at the beginning of the week I was struggling with dreading the days filled with contacting, lessons falling through, and freezing temperatures, I am now enjoying my service and SO HAPPY once again to be a missionary. I feel hopeful, empowered, grateful, and trying to stay humble so I don’t relapse into feeling sorry for myself ever again.

My fave activity of the week has definitely been singing displays!  Stopping by the Church building and grabbing a whiteboard, the Elders, and our songbooks; then singing our hearts out on the town square, bringing the Spirit, and encouraging people to stop and ask what makes us different.

Elder Chri’n had a lovely surprise: he unwittingly contacted one of our lovely Church members who has been absent from our midst for awhile. She greeted us with a sweet, “Hello, angels!” And we sisters had fun getting to know B: a young woman who is devoutly Catholic and yet SO excited to hear about the Book of Mormon, and see paintings from it in the church building. She is a photographer and is doing a project about street performers.

Another great blessing was that someone actually came to our Family History class! The first time in months! She was an absolute hoot and really got into it: we’re helping her set up a Family Search account later today, and will invite her to take the missionary lessons.

Strong, sunny, smart, and spectacular: the mighty sisters of the Czech/Slovak Mission

Strong, sunny, smart, and spectacular: the mighty sisters of the Czech/Slovak Mission

Yesterday was monumental: after an unusually eye-catching District singing display we got on a bus to go tracting closer to home. However I had a quiet thought to try visiting V, our lovely Former Investigator who we hadn’t been able to get in touch with since before Christmas. I told Sestra Bar: “I don’t know if it’s just me or the Spirit.” Her response: “Is it a bad thing to do?” That settled it: we were going. We hopped off the bus and hit like, a dozen obstacles to get to her door (weren’t sure which panelák (apartment block) was the right one, the zvoncek (intercom) was broken, we couldn’t get through to her on her mobile phone…), but each was miraculously overcome in turn (she has great neighbours!), and suddenly there we were on her sofa. She was so happy to see us, and said she’s gained a testimony of the Word of Wisdom, loves the Church’s teachings, and will try to come to church this Sunday. Sestra Bar and I were both prompted to open up Alma 36 with her (Holy Ghost telepathy!), and we had a very uplifting lesson. She wants to be taught every week – yay!

This week will be great: Zone Leaders Bar and U are coming tomorrow, then we’ll have Zone Conference in Bratislava on the 15th to kick off the new year. They’re on fire over there: they had the mission’s first baptism of the year, and 4 more investigators with baptismal dates! The Lord’s work moves forward.

Love you lots! Sestra Jones


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