Riding the Rails

20 January 2014


It’s been an eventful week – and I can’t seem to recollect half of it! I honestly cannot believe that I’ve been on a mission for an entire year now. That can’t possibly be right! It’s as if I’ve always been a missionary, and yet I just got here. I intend to make the most of every minute I’ve got left!

This young photographer created an exhibit featuring street performers... including singing missionaries!

This young photographer created an exhibit featuring street performers… including singing missionaries!

Anyway, on Monday we went to go see our friend B’s photo exhibit – with us in it! 🙂 She got a good grade on her photography project, so we’re happy for her. Now if only she would meet with us and accept a copy of the Book of Mormon… working on that one 😉 .

Tuesday we were not looking forward to 6 hours on a train to Bratislava. OK, to be honest I was more like piously trying not to enjoy the prospect of sugary snacks and board games and the Elders’ hilarious jokes and seeing the gorgeous Tatra mountain range whiz by. Sestra Bar is a wonderful example of being focused at all times and truly desiring to further the Lord’s work no matter what the situation.

"Risk": a diversion worthy of an epic, 6-hour train journey

“Risk”: a diversion worthy of an epic, 6-hour train journey

But I really struggle to hit upon a way to make good use of travel hours (I mean apart from the obvious accomplishment of getting closer and closer to our intended destination). I find that trains are like a brain-numbing time vacuum: it’s noisy so it’s hard to work via making phone calls, and motion sickness dissuades me from studying, reading, or writing. It’s not impossible to be productive, it just tries the “natural man” in me to say the least.

But this time, instead of surrendering to the futility of working while traveling, we were blessed to successfully set up a lesson with our beloved V, who was also traveling on the train! And our good friend and Branch member D came too! It was perfect! We taught the law of chastity and V’s comprehension as always surprised us, touching on modesty and media and positive thinking. The Spirit present was so sweet and the crowning moment for me was V pulling out her iPad and saying: “I found this Mormon Message about being daughters of God – I just love it!” (the one with Queen Esther) Another weary train ride was far easier to bear with a victory like that.

The training in Bratislava was just fab; we’re geared up for the new year and approaching our work with a VISION. On plan for 2015: a temple in Kosice! 😉 We’re counting our blessings, and know that “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6).

Prezident and Sestra van D are fantastic: some representatives from another faith came to their door last week, were invited in to talk, and left with copies of the Book of Mormon and an invitation to return!

I know that this is the Lord’s work! Deuteronomy 8:2-3 touched my heart this morning: REMEMBER what the Lord has done for us. My goal this week is to learn to keep a prayer in my heart at all times, always seeking to do His will, not mine. I love you all and pray for you daily, and I try to live worthy of the trust placed in me as an ambassador of the Lord.

S láskou, Sestra Jones


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