Short and Sweet

13 January 2014

We have seen so many wonderful miracles this week! The Zone Leaders came on Wednesday and we had a very enriching District meeting. That day we found a Slovak gentleman who lives in Wrexham, North Wales (my home turf!). He was very interested to know more and gave us his address so that missionaries can visit him when he returns to the UK this week.

breaking bread together

breaking bread together

The Mils are back, for which I am so grateful. It makes a big difference to be greater in numbers on Sundays – it lifts the spirits of the members of the Branch, who are all experiencing great personal and spiritual growth. It is so humbling to see people who have struggled to stay active now teaching Sunday school with visible, careful preparation or bearing testimony to others and fully contributing in Church meetings. Other members are not quite living up to their privileges yet; I wish I could help them realise that things like attending church and keeping the Word of Wisdom are not activities for when life is easy, but the cure when life is hard.

Our English class is growing and we held our first post-English lecture about the Church. Street and bus contacting is becoming increasingly rewarding as we start in with bearing testimony. We’re moving forward and trying to follow the Spirit and be obedient, so I know our area will grow!

S láskou, Sestra Jones


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