This Week’s News, by Numbers

17 February 2014

Halušky happiness! Sestra Seni and Sestra Jones get cooking

Halušky happiness!
Sestra Seni and Sestra Jones get cooking

2 bedframes, now fully assembled: This week has been fab! We finished building our beds at last and are officially moved in, and feeling the Spirit more in our orderly home.

 4 investigators named Mat: It’s kind of weird, but we have met 4 “Mat”s who are all really fab, very prepared! On Monday, both lessons we had set up cancelled, so we went contacting and the third person we stopped is our atheist but optimist Mat. He was really open to having a building tour of our Church meetinghouse, and we will be meeting for a lesson on Tuesday. Mat from Zimbabwe we contacted last week. He told us, “I wasn’t planning on crossing the bridge that day. I don’t know why, but I did. Then I met you.” A chance encounter? I think not! 🙂 We definitely met for a reason, and he has readily accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. Another of our Mats is one of my favourite contacts ever! He is Italian, is soooo funny, and is genuinely interested in and sensitive to spiritual things. (*I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out more about the 4th Mat!)

So many classy, solidly employed, English-speaking, young prospective Priesthood holders! 😀 That’s just what Bratislava seems to need right now. Two of our young single Branch members participated in a singing display with our district last Friday, and I was so impressed with their goodness, strength and courage. What we need here is a group of young adults, having fun together and supporting one another in faith and friendship! (And hey let’s just come out and say it: then going on to marry each other in the temple, and continuing to have fun, friendship and faith in a strong family!*Sestra Jones knows it could happen, because her own parents first met at a Church activity!) My trainer, Sestra Pyšňáková, always told me that missionaries are also “matchmakers” in a way: you hunt for people who will complement and support those in your branch. Sestra Seni and I are taking this seriously and are committed to finding young men and women who are ready to hear and act on our message.

5 incidents of Impeccable Timing: We’ve been bumping into a lot of familiar faces while we’ve been out and about! On Monday we met members M and D and brightened each other’s day, on Tuesday we ran into another sister, K, thanks to me forgetting my scriptures on the tram, and on Thursday we met potential investigator F and (miraculously) our elusive recent convert, S! Yay!

6 sweet months to give my all: I had an awful night’s sleep Saturday and couldn’t figure out why. Then it hit me: Saturday marked exactly 6 months left in the mission field.  NOOOO!  I’d better make those months count.

11 lessons taught: Prezident has encouraged us to focus on engaging people in Meaningful conversations: at least 10 a day. Goal Slovakia 2014 is to teach at least 14 lessons per week. We’ve been close; we had 13 our first week and 11 lessons this past week. We’ve seen posters for the Winter Olympics. Some people are using it as an excuse not to meet with us. 😉 * The Slovak ice hockey team has had 3 matches in the past week. They play against the Czech Republic tomorrow… there just might be a few people who are suddenly “too busy” for lessons that day across the Czech/Slovak Mission!

 48 years old: We had a beautiful lesson with Iv, a 48-year-old man who is deaf. We don’t speak Slovak sign language. We had no one to interpret for him, so we conducted the lesson by writing to each other, and drawing pictures. We played soft hymns on our phone in the background to help us to be calm, patient, and feel the Spirit. Iv accepted a Book of Mormon.  I hope he’ll understand and feel the power of the truth it contains! Sestra Seni taught and testified beautifully. With all the other Slovak sisters but her going home in the next four transfers, she literally is the future of Slovakia. What a star! 😀 We made halušky together for first time this week, plus taught the children in Primary.

1,200 words: We have a district goal to learn 1,200 new Slovak words by April. Elder Fe’l alone memorised 61 last week! (How am I supposed to maintain an air of casual brilliance when I am surrounded by such linguistic geniuses?! Ack ;P ).

∞ : The love I feel for all of you, my dear family and friends!

Sestra Jones


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