Springtime Sunshine!

24 February 2014

“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time” Ecclesiastes 3:11

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous today! It is sunny and warm, and it feels as if winter is already over.  We spotted snowdrops and daisies while out tracting yesterday!

The past week has been a bit scattered and slow: full of unexpected curveballs that we didn’t quite dodge. Like days’ worth of appointments falling through, or surprise sleepovers without sufficient bedding, or time spent travelling after getting thoroughly lost. None of our investigators made it to Church yesterday, and despite our daily efforts to find people to teach we did not pick up any new investigators. And yet, somehow when we totalled our numbers for this week we found that we had met our goal and taught precisely 14 lessons! How?! It was a miracle: a tender mercy of the Lord in showing us the big picture, that the work is in His hands.

Making friends and influencing people in Bratislava.

Making friends and influencing people in Bratislava.

Highlights of the week: we gave a mini-concert at the Red Cross facilities for the mentally handicapped, and my recorders came in handy again for that. Those little flutes have been such a blessing!

We had wonderful lessons with some of our “Mat”s. Our Mat from Zimbabwe came with questions: he had carefully read the introductory pages of the Book of Mormon and was ready to know more! We taught him the Restoration of the gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith. There was such a sweet Spirit present in that lesson.

We had a great experience teaching optimist-atheist Mat with the assistance our lovely MG (who is a former optimist-atheist herself). She bore a beautiful testimony.

We met with recently baptised S, and he was SO happy to discuss and learn about the gospel, hungry for more information. He hadn’t read the Book or Mormon for a week because he’s constantly lending it to friends 🙂 It was a miracle that we ran into him on the street last week, it enabled us to get back in touch with him after his phone got stolen, so I know the Lord is watching out for him!

We had a wonderful training in Brno on Thursday. It was delightful to see Prezident and his beautiful family once again, and the sacred camaraderie we share with our fellow missionaries across the mission is so energizing. It felt good to catch my breath and re-evaluate my commitment to the Lord’s work. It was an inspirational meeting, and I came away with a renewed vision for my remaining months of service. I feel very appreciative of my companion, Sestra Seni, as she is a beautiful example of some of the qualities I would like to develop as a missionary. I feel so humbled and blessed to have this sacred time to learn from her example and bask in the Spirit she carries with her.

I am looking forward to what this week holds in store; bring it on, Blava!

Big hugs! ❤

Sestra Jones


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