Sweet Is the Work

03 March 2014

Sweet is the work, my God, my King,
To praise thy name, give thanks and sing,
To show thy love by morning light,
And talk of all thy truths at night.
-Isaac Watts, 1674-1748

This week was FULL of surprises! Our entire weekly planning (goals of how many lessons to teach to whom, how we will help investigators progress, etc.) practically fell through by Tuesday. It’s flu season and *ski week to boot, so we were left with what felt like a blank schedule to revive. But as we all know by now, the Lord works in mysterious ways, and looking back we experienced an entirely different kind of success. With many investigators unavailable, we suddenly had plenty of time to go hunt for our inactive members. We were ready to go to the rescue!

*Editor’s note: According to reliable sources, ski week refers to “…one of two things. It might be the mandatory week of school when students are required to go skiing somewhere for the week with their PE class. They basically spend the week in the mountains with their classmates. Sounds awesome right? It could also just be the week of spring break, so students don’t have school and they go skiing with their families.”  Ďakujem, reliable sources! You know who you are 😉

Monday we met with a wonderful young sister who hasn’t come to church in a while, for various reasons. She loves us Sisters and always promises to try to come to church, but something always gets in the way. She has a hard time understanding the scriptures, so we drew a parable for her: Heavenly Father’s the chef, we’re the eggs, and the church is the pot. The boiling water can be uncomfortable at times, but unless we stay safe inside, we may roll off the table and crack on the floor. She gave it some serious thought, and we hope she will feel a desire to return and renew her covenants at church. I know the scriptures can change hearts, so we plan to help her study the Kniha Mormonova daily.

Tuesday we met with S again: he was so ready to learn more! He was like an eager apprentice at the feet of the master in our lesson with Prezident B – he has such great respect for the man. It was as if we Sisters weren’t even there, I loved it! 😀

Brat S called us last week and wanted to meet. He told us about his first missionary, who was just so great, like a brother. That missionary has already completed his mission and returned home, but apparently a little birdy told  him that Brat S could use a boost, and so we hear that there was a happy reunion by phone. That was just so great – that’s the kind of returned missionary I want to be.

We went and visited Brat M!  🙂 He lives in a town some distance from Blava, so it was 5 hours out of our day, but it’s the first tangible contact he’s had with the church since October. It was a joy to meet with him again, but hard for me to see him so far removed from the church.  He called yesterday to ask if we could arrange with a member for him to stay in Bratislava Saturdays and attend church! It made me so happy!

Fasting together and feasting together; love and laughter make the work sweet in Bratislava!

Fasting together and feasting together;
love and laughter make the work sweet in Bratislava!

Awesome Church members Mi and MG mentioned to us that they’d never managed to do a proper 24-hour fast complete with prayers before. It must be so hard to be in their position, they are the only members of the Church in their families. So we Sisters decided to fast together with them and they both said it was a precious, powerful spiritual experience. Mi bore testimony about it yesterday and made me so happy! Heavenly Father was able to use me to accomplish good things in the lives of others! What better feeling can there be?

I can testify that fasting works. It allows us to literally call down the powers of heaven. I feel like I’m becoming the best missionary I have been so far: we’re opening our mouths at all times and places.

Prezident McConkie came to Bratislava to do interviews (one of my all-time favourite things!), joined us for District Meeting, and even met with Sestra Seni and me to study together at the Church building on Friday morning. He shared with us some very special observations and comments of approval that filled our hearts to the brim with joy and consolation. It was a powerful and happy experience. 😀 I love Prezident McConkie, his vision and leadership are awe-inspiring.

That’s all for now, love you lots!

Sestra Jones


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