Embrace the Ides of March

17 March 2014

Well, let’s see if I can do this week justice… Oh, who am I kidding?! Of course I can’t! The miracles have been beautiful and I’m learning lots of great lessons, and so feeling mighty successful. I cannot imagine ever becoming bored of full-time missionary work! Frustrated, exhausted, confused, disappointed sometimes, yes. But Heavenly Father always helps me bounce back to elated, inspired, grateful, hopeful, and charity-driven (although still imperfect) service. With so little time and so much to experience, the only danger I foresee is being momentarily paralyzed by the magnitude of opportunities before me. See? I’ve finally figured out why I’m a procrastinator! Now I can face my fears! 😉 So to further state my case, let me demonstrate what Heavenly Father helped us (and, more importantly, others) to accomplish this week:

Saint George is forever slaying a 3-headed dragon outside Primate's Palace (Primaciálny palác).

Saint George is forever slaying a 3-headed dragon outside Primate’s Palace (Primaciálny palác).

We trumped last week’s record with 21 lessons and 2 new investigators, with more lessons lined up for this coming week! 😀 A less-active sister we’ve been working with came to Church yesterday!!! She was warmly welcomed by the members of the branch and invited to Institute – it was so great! Another member struggling to be fully active came to the Fireside on Friday and you could tell he just belongs in the branch, and feels at home there. This week we taught him about temples and he taught us how to contact – it was hilarious and actually super helpful! “All-day smile, 120% drive!” He’s a salesman, so he has great insights on interacting with the public.

Speaking of the Fireside, it was beautiful and all the members could talk about was how they hope it will soon be repeated. Although we missionaries had planned it and provided a musical number, it was largely run by the branch members themselves (conducting, speaking, bringing refreshments, etc.). There’s been a surge of enthusiasm for our Easter concert in April, and I hope our branch members will all bring friends. One of our less-active members is basically the star of the show, considering he’s a professional pianist! 🙂

In Relief Society we discussed Visiting Teaching and how we can magnify the sisters’ system of watchcare. I feel like VERY good things are happening here in Bratislava. Our branch mission leader, Brat Val is super helpful and has even expressed a willingness to drive us out to visit one of our Church members who lives quite a distance from the city. What a hero. We´re doing FHE with the Val family again tonight – yay!

The Slovak National Theatre  (Slovenské národné divadlo)

The Slovak National Theatre (Slovenské národné divadlo)

A few weeks ago, we were tracting in Petrzalka. We rang someone’s bell to ask if they would “buzz” us in the main door to the apartment building, but the lady who answered couldn’t hear us over the intercom, and so she came downstairs to the door to talk to us. She was expecting guests, so she said we could come back and try her again sometime. When our lessons fell through on Saturday, that’s where we went. You’ll never guess what happened next: just as we rounded the corner to approach her panelák she steps out of the car that she just pulled up in a moment before, and says “Why hello, Sisters, have you come to visit me? Come on in!” WHAT?!?  It was amazing; it is just so, so rare to be invited in like that. Fortunately we managed to pick our jaws up off the pavement, and recover from our shock quickly enough to accept her invitation!

Then yesterday blew me away completely (almost literally: gale force winds this past weekend). We intended to go try a similar lady we’d previously tracted in Biskupice, but completely forgot to get off the bus. We ended up in an area where we’d never been before, and just when we were about to turn back we were let in by a beautiful family that want us to come back with a Book of Mormon! All the way home Sestra Seni and I were asking ourselves what we could possibly have done to deserve such a privilege and a miracle as that.

On tour: discovering the delights of historic Bratislava

On tour: discovering the delights of historic Bratislava

Last Monday we were given a brilliant tour of the city by an English student, E. Our little tour group further consisted of a couple from Northern Ireland and two North American non-denominational Christian missionaries. We had some good meaningful conversations and saw beautiful sights. Other mission news: there were 3 baptisms held in the Czech Republic this past week, and many companionships taught impressive numbers of lessons. The Lord is helping us hasten the work! We’re so close to becoming a Czech Stake, I can just sense it! 🙂

That´s all for now, love you lots!

Sestra Jones



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