March Madness

10 March 2014

Ahojte! Hope you’ve had a nice week. Mine has been absolutely MIRACULOUS. We taught a whopping 20 LESSONS this week! 😀 For the past while we’ve scraped by to even hit the standard 14 lessons weekly, but this week the Elders came to District meeting with some highly contagious enthusiasm. Prezident McConkie had given Elder L a powerful blessing of healing (Elder L has been facing some health challenges), and through him blessed the other Elders (Fe’l, Roos, and A) who will be taking turns at his bedside for a topsy-turvy few weeks. Elder L is a fighter, and refuses to go down for the count: while he is recuperating, he is putting his skills as a former phone salesman to impressive effect. He’s contacting investigators by phone and churning out appointments for the other Elders like nobody’s business.

Elder Fe’l stepped in as acting District Leader on Tuesday and inspired us all with a vision of what 4 companionships working together can really accomplish. Well, Sestra Seni caught the flame and emerged from the meeting announcing: “Sister Jones, this week we are teaching 21 lessons!” Her unconditional faith has absolutely buoyed me up this entire week. I feel like she is the most converted person I know. I have so much I need to learn from her: meaningful prayers, love for people, journal keeping, quality studies, time management, humility, a reverence for what is sacred, positive attitude, the list goes on. She had not a doubt in her mind that we would hit our goals: every setback we faced (lessons falling through, etc), we would hit the streets and search for the person who did need to be taught in that time we’d set aside for a lesson. Even after 6 consecutive lessons cancelling on Saturday we were still SO close to our desired 21 – it was literally a miracle.

Next miracle: we have an investigator with a baptismal date! 😀 S has been investigating the church for literally years. He was on track for baptism last year but struggled with church attendance due to his job (no longer a problem – he’s a regular at all church meetings including English, and some members don’t even realise he isn’t baptised). His dream is to be baptised in the Danube river, so during the winter months it was a bit out of the question. But now that the sun has rolled out, our branch mission leader Brat Val suggested we go ahead and extend a date. S accepted – huzzah, prayers answered!

I feel like we Sestry are doing better at communicating with our branch leaders to discover what their goals are, and then helping in any way the branch needs/requests. We missionaries have organised a conversion story Fireside for this Friday, and an Easter concert is taking shape for the beginning of April, so lots of opportunities for us to work in tandem with banch members there. My mission has really opened my eyes to the power that results when many people work as one, and the abundant opportunities for service available in everyday life. I hope to be a MUCH better Church member post-mission than I ever was before (aware, involved, co-operative, etc.).

So, on to the events of the past week (and quickly!). Stuff I wish I had time to give more details on: we had such sweet experiences teaching FHE at the Val’s last Monday, and in Primary on Sunday. Their rambunctious children actually enjoyed it. Yay! We met with some cool former investigators, they’re not investigators again yet but we’re working on it, phone lesson with Brat M was positive, our professional pianist Branch member T is helping us with the concert, R (a referral) is SUPER prepared but just has so little time available to meet. Our District has learned 1,080 words so far this transfer! Next week is Specialised Training in Bratislava and the Sister Trainer Leaders are coming on exchanges!  Lots of good stuff happening. 🙂

Love you to bits, look after yourselves!

S láskou, Sestra Jones


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