Spring Forward

31 March 2014

We put our clocks ahead an hour this week, and time is indeed “flying on wings of lightning” as the hymn so rightly says (Hymns 226, Improve the Shining Moments). Time after time this week Sestra Seni and I collapsed exhausted at the end of the day. We’d look at each other and just laugh that each day could be soooo long, but yet the week could fly by at such shocking speed.

Our Easter concert is this Friday and I hope that everything will come together nicely. Having 8 missionaries at our disposal makes for a sizeable choir, but it is proving more difficult to co-ordinate than expected! Not to mention giving the members a chance to be involved… I feel like we could have done a lot better in that department. It took us until last week to decide on a solid programme and so we only succeeded in recruiting the Primary children and a few Relief Society Sisters to sing with us in addition to our prized instrumentalists T (concert pianist) and PS (freestyle: Gameboy-esque epic soundtracks are his specialty!). Still, it’s a big improvement on past concerts that have been visibly missionary led, and the members will be reading scriptures from the script to tell the Easter story. Let’s pray that people from the public will come! We’re encouraging members to bring friends and we hope that they’ll gain the confidence to do so before it’s too late notice. I for one vow to be better at that after my mission, when I’m back to being a “regular” member of the Church!

April is shaping up to be an eventful month, starting with transfers – including the arrival of a new Slovak sister! – Generalna konferencia, District Conference in Brno (with a General Authority from Finland attending!), Easter, and without a doubt lots of finding and teaching and baptising across the mission!

As for us in Bratislava, we’ve had really high hopes to help a particular person make it back to Church, but he hasn’t picked up his phone or responded to texts all week, and we’re getting worried. This week we might just be stalking his workplace a tiny bit at lunchtime, to see if we can’t catch a glimpse of him! 😉 Everyone has their agency, but it’s still within our power to hope and pray and be optimistic that they will follow the Spirit and make the right choice. We have been richly blessed to work with other members as well: one sister came to game night, as did PS who is helping with the concert and faithfully attends English every week. 🙂 Brat M can’t wait to get his hands on a Gospel Principles manual, and intends to be “far more active” by the end of the year. He LOVES our phone calls and I just pray that the Spirit will drag him back to church soon so that he can become a real part of the branch family: united with church in doctrine and in heart.

It was a miracle for us to teach 15 lessons this week after having a slow week just passed. Some people we had high hopes for have bid us goodbye for now, including J (who thought hard about it all week, but decided that he’s Catholic) and a beautiful Baptist family who feel they cannot accept any scripture in addition to the Bible. They do not want to continue the missionary discussions, but they graciously extended their welcome to share a meal with them sometime. Also we had a miracle obtaining a referral on the street: 2 teenage boys gave us their friend’s number. It was probably a joke because their friend turned out to be atheist but he wants to meet with us sometime regardless. 🙂 Also, E who did our missionary tour was just glowing at English this week. She was so touched by the Book of Mormon we gave her, and although she’s been too busy to meet we’re following up and pray that she’ll read it on her own.

Transfers are coming far too quickly. I’d love to stay here with Sestra Seni and wish this transfer would never end! But I trust that whatever happens will be the Lord’s will, and I’m grateful to have grown spiritually and personally this transfer and for all the Christlike people who have touched my life. The Lord has helped us lay a firm foundation for whoever serves in Ruzinov north area next! 😀 I know that this is Christ’s church and that we don’t need to be perfect to be accepted and loved by the Lord. Faith will override fear, every time, if we let it grow within us through obedience and courageous service.

“…if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward.

Therefore, fear not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail.

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.”  (D&C 6:33-34, 36)


Nothing like a circus to bring out the kid in everyone!

Nothing like a circus to bring out the kid in everyone!

Love you lots!  Sestra Jones

P.S.  Last P-day we went to the Chinese circus. It was amazing! 😀  We also did service in the Val’s garden. I love that family!


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