The Windows of Heaven

28 April 2014

“…prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it”  Malachi 3:10

Too much happened this week to be able to write it all! 🙂 I feel so frustrated that I can’t tell you everything that I want to! My Fingers don’t work that fast…

District Conference in Brno with the visiting Finnish area authority (Matti T. Jouttenus) was great. I’ve had enough Czech for now though! It was exhausting to strain to understand; I’m so glad I’m past that point in Slovak. Today has been topsy-turvy: we spent 9 hours at the Foreign Police trying to get Sestra W registered for a visa. They turned down some of her paperwork (bad luck with the official who helped us: the documents Sestra W had are identical to what other missionaries get in with), so we’ll have to go back next week too. Thursday will be Sister Training Leader exchanges. Yay!

Cool miracle I’ve been forgetting to share: when in Prague to collect Sestra W, I learned from Sestra Bru (a Czech sister) that an investigator of theirs  had been baptised and just ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood. It turns out that he was a referral from Sestra Johns and me, from back when we were serving in Košice! We had no idea that Heavenly Father had used our efforts to perform that kind of a miracle! 🙂 Wow.

This week Sestra W and I have been working hard to feel the constant desire to talk to people, and then pushing ourselves to do so. She made a major contacting breakthrough at a tram stop one evening: she struck up a conversation with a young woman who is very prepared to hear the Gospel (she wanted to photograph the Book of Mormon verse we showed her, and can’t wait to get her hands on her own copy!). We’ve made a goal to get a phone number every day, and so far we’ve been blessed to achieve just that.

We were blessed with a new investigator: V. He recognises a need for the gospel in his life and although a critical thinker, he is also open-minded so far. We had a beautiful lesson with him and Sestra H about the plan of salvation and he’s reading in the Book of Mormon. He even set a tentative baptismal date!

I cannot begin to tell you just how inspired every second of Zone Conference was! Although it’s still a challenge for me to switch back into working mode after having spent a blissful afternoon being spiritually fed myself.  The social aspect of spending time with other missionaries is a great blessing as well, but makes it hard to immediately refocus when large groups of us are travelling on the same train. 😉

We had the Žilina sisters with us over the weekend. It was fantastic, and undoubtedly orchestrated by heaven! We were able to participate in a service project in conjunction with the international school and American ambassador: painting colourful murals on the walls of the childrens hospital. It was a lovely opportunity, and we felt we left good impressions and made valuable contacts. Plus Sestra B and I went on splits for an hour to rediscover the address of a Potential Investigator family, and on our way we bumped into person after person that she had taught when serving here. I mean, seriously? What are the chances of that happening? It was a miracle.

I feel that the Lord is leading us to find those whom He has prepared. His hand is in the work. What a privilege to participate!

S láskou, Sestra Jones ❤



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