A Quick Update

19 May 2014

I am so sorry, but my letter will be really short this week! We took a hike in the woods as a District and got back late, leaving us little time for writing. But the weather is beautiful and I am well, so no complaints. 🙂

UchtdorfThe concert is finally over! It was so terribly stressful and nothing went as planned, and by the end Sestra W and I were dying to get back to our normal routine of contacting. Brat S played a huge role (narrated a Bible Video in Slovak), and the Primary children were fantastic! A brand new gentleman came to the concert, plus some newer investigators that our District members are now teaching, so not a bad turnout (perhaps 35, including members).

HollandSestra W and I are doing our best not to get frustrated with ourselves. We wanted to be better at teaching and finding by now. I need to do better on talking to everyone. I feel like I want to show the Lord that I’m ready for Him to entrust me with miracles. With long hours of contacting, I’m learning a lot about the Spirit leading us to be in the right place at exactly the right time. We taught a great bench lesson in the park: we met a lady named H who needed to be told about the Plan of Salvation. 🙂

J is progressing, S is doing okay too. Brat M is absolutely loving our phone lessons – I feel like he’s changing! It’s amazing what the companionship of the Holy Ghost does to refine us and sort out the kinks in our personalities: I’ve seen it in myself for sure as I’ve grown more converted.

I’m excited for training this Saturday. I have SO much to improve on and learn. Love you lots!

Sestra Jones ❤


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