Full Circle

09 June 2014

“…wherefore, the course of the Lord is one eternal round.” 1 Nephi 10:19

Ahojte! This will be the briefest email ever, because I have to run for a train and probably won´t have time to email in my new area. Yes indeed, there are big changes afoot: I´ve been called back to my beloved Žilina! My companion will be Sestra B (the American one), and together we will serve as Sister Training Leaders for the Slovak and Brno Zones! Yippee! 😀

It is such a luxury to think that I´ll revisit the rest of Slovakia on exchanges before departing, but it´s such an immense responsibility that my head is spinning. I´ll tell you more when I know exactly what it entails. What I do know is that Žilina needs a branch president for when Elder and Sister Wr leave this year, so it´s reactivation stations for us this transfer.

My old MTC companion, Sestra B (the French one 😉 ) is transferring here to follow-up train Sestra W, so we’ve both come full circle and will be ending our missions right back where we started. ❤

On Thursday we had an amazing, tender mercy: a training and Fireside with General Authorities – right here in Bratislava! (Sister Linda S. Reeves, second counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, Sister Rosemary M. Wixom, Primary General President, and Elder Patrick Kearon, first counselor in the Europe Area Presidency).

It affected us all deeply, and I was overjoyed to see the room literally bursting with people, with a new investigator of ours (M) and Brat M present (what a victory that was!). The speakers spoke about teaching deliberately in our homes, and increasing our commitment to the gospel by extending invitations to share the gospel with those not of our faith. Sharing the gospel is an antidote for growing stale in our discipleship. Their remarks were super inspired.

Yesterday we had an amazing miracle: Sestra H invited us round for a farewell dinner and her colleague A unexpectedly asked if she could meet us too, so it turned into an impromptu first lesson! And her entire family are super prepared to receive the restored gospel: A told us how she handed her minister a letter of resignation from her former church because she doesn´t think the doctrine about the Trinity is correct, and she knows there can only be one true church. She told us she believes Christ´s church may be ours, because we actually apply Christ´s mandate to love one another. She wants to bring her family to church and is reading the Book of Mormon. What a blessing! 🙂

I know that the Lord´s hand is in the work. I intend to make these last two months count!
All my love, Sestra Jones x


4 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Sestra Jones’ email touched us deeply. Although we question the wisdom of separating Sestra Jones and Elder Ferrell, we are excited that she is excited. Elder Ferrell has mentioned several times how he hopes to be able to one day serve in Zilina. (Elder Ferrell’s ancestors are from a small city by the Polish border close to Zilina) Sestra Jones letters have been an inspiration to us as well as informational and entertaining. Although, no doubt, you will be overjoyed to see her again shortly, we will miss her weekly letters and perspective. Best wishes to all
    Mike Ferrell

    • Thanks, Bro Ferrell!
      It was a bit of an emotional experience for us to hear of Sestra Jones’ new assignment. Not only because this is her final transfer, but because we can see Heavenly Father’s hand in it. What a comfort to finish a mission amongst familiar faces and beloved places. And what a tremendous blessing to be able to take on a new challenge and finish on a high of learning, striving, and pondering how to best bless and support other missionaries. As Jacob said, how great is the goodness of our God! He shows such kindness in all his ways. And yes, it is sad for us all that Elder Ferrell and Sestra Jones must now walk their separate ways! But I am comforted that due to their leadership assignments, their paths will still be crossing quite a bit and we may still glean a few extra photos and details by cross-referencing blogs! All the best to you and yours.

  2. Hi! I’m Sestra Elisabeth Baird’s mom, Ruth and I searched and found your daughters blog! I’m so excited for Elisabeth to serve with Sestra Jones. She is very excited to be with her and already they are seeing some wonderful things. Thanks for raising such a good daughter -Ruth Baird

    • Hello, Sestra Baird’s mom, this is Sestra Jones’ mom 🙂 It is such a joy to see the wonderful friendships that are coming into our daughters’ lives (and our own!) as a result of their missionary service. Sestra Jones has expressed great respect and admiration for Sestra Baird in her letters home. What a fine group of outstanding young people there are in the Czech/Slovak Mission! Thanks for your lovely message, we look forward to seeing what amazing adventures this transfer will bring. Warmest regards to you and your family, thanks for sharing your splendid daughter with the world!

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