Mission Address/Contact Me

Drop a Line, Post a Parcel
Sestra Jones is available via email; just message this blog (those who are Facebook friends can message her that way) and her family will pass the messages on to her.  Missionaries typically have access to email just once a week, so please give her a couple of weeks’ grace to reply!
Drop a line

Drop a line

If you’d like to drop Sestra Jones a few lines the old-fashioned way and post a letter, you must send it to her mission president in Prague, and he will see that she gets it, wherever she happens to be at the time.  It’s really important that the envelope is addressed with the name of the Church on the first line, and “Sestra Jones” on the next line. If you put Sestra Jones’ name on the first line, those delivering the letter are under legal obligation to deliver it to none other than her. It is highly unlikely that Sestra Jones will be at the Mission office in Prague at the particular moment when a letter arrives addressed to her!  You can’t go wrong if you just print the address out like this:
Církev Ježíše Krista
Sestra Jones
Badeního 1
Prague 6 160 00
Czech Republic
Now, that address is for letters only.
For packages and parcels the address is different, so just message this blog with a request for more information, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process! Many thanks for your thoughtfulness and friendship in supporting Sestra Jones on her mission.
Post a parcel

Post a parcel


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